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Crochet Bunny Stackable Ring’s

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Stacking toy is one of the first toys of the baby. This handmade crocheted Multi Colour bunny baby stacking toy is a classic educational toy for children 4 months to 4 years old. Different ring sizes provide an incentive to start using logic to be able to follow an established order. This Montessori toy is perfect for teaching your baby or toddler sizes, colors, and counting! It is a great toy to develop touch, logic, order and patience.

Product Information

Measurements: item measures approximately Handel 6.5 inch X 2.5 inch on measuring tape.

Material used: we only use high quality and organic materials in making our products mainly we use only 100 % cotton and for filling/stuffing we use polyester fibrefill . Which is antibacterial and antiallergic. You can use it safely and healthily.

Colour: we can call it multi colour as we used more than 1 colour to make it.

*Please note that colour will appear differently depending on the screen you use. Please allow a slight margin in the colour from the one pictured and the actual item. However we click all our photographs in natural light and we don’t use any photo filters only clicked using high resolution phone camera to capture its beauty in detail.

Safety Note

We have carefully knitted & knotted all parts of this item to ensure no parts come off however, please make sure it is used under adult supervision at all times with small babies and young children ( 0 - 2 years )

Care Instructions

Hand washing is recommended. Remove excess water with using a towel. Redistribute inside of it if it is necessary. We will put a care card in your order with all instructions written on it to keep your purchase more durable and long lasting .